Kansas State
Pupil Transportation
Association (KSPTA)
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- District Safety Competitions:
- SC/NW/SW District Safety Competition - Saturday May 6th - NE Magnet, 5550 N Lycee, Bel Aire.
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- NE/SE/NC District Safety Competition - Saturday May 13th - Washburn Rural HS, 5900 SW 61st. St.,           Topeka.
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- Upcoming: 

- Summer Conference and Competition


- The spring newsletter is now available here and under the newsletter tab.

- The Study Guide for the upcoming safety competitions is now available here and under the District tabs.

- The registration form for the SC and the NE/SE District Safety Competitions are now available here and under the District tabs.

- Looking for employment in the bus industry?  Districts and contractors all over the state are looking for everyone from drivers to directors.  Please check the employment tab for current information.

- In the News:
- On Thursday November 19th KSPTA Executive Director Jim Schwartzman and North Central Vice President Doug Messer did a monthly safety meeting for the drivers at USD 333 Concordia promoting KSPTA and giving information on District and State Safety Competitions and Conferences.  

If you would like to have something like this at your district please contact us.  

We would love to come to your Transportation Center and explain the many wonderful benefits that KSPTA has to offer.  

There are many ways to contact us:  
(under "Kansas State Pupil Transportation Association"), 
(look for your District Vice President under the "Our Districts" tab, other members under the "Executive Member" tab, or you can click on the "Contact Us" tab),

- Join us on Facebook:                      

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