Kansas State
Pupil Transportation
Association (KSPTA)

- About Us:

The Kansas State Pupil Transportation Association was formed in 1970 by a forward looking group of dedicated transportation professionals. It was formed to enhance and ensure the safety of students transported via school bus in the state of Kansas. To this end, the organization is still dedicated.


KSPTA is an organization of dedicated pupil transportation providers who recognize that development and improvement are fostered by learning information.


Active Membership is open to persons who are actively employed as a Kansas Pupil Transportation Administrator for Educational programs approved by the Kansas Department of Education, a Board of Developmental Disabilities, a Head Start, or for a Contractor providing pupil transportation services.


The primary function of KSPTA is the support of education in Kansas through the provision of safe and effective pupil transportation services. KSPTA is active in many facets of transportation, and participates in the School Bus Safety Competition, State Operating Rules Committee, School Bus Safety Week, School Bus Poster Contest, and many other projects.


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