Kansas State
Pupil Transportation
Association (KSPTA)

- Summer Symposium and Safety Competition:

This year's Summer Symposium and Safety Competition was held Wednesday and Thursday June 7th and 8th in the Cottonwood Court building and the grounds of the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson.  Here are your top scores:

Conventional Rookie:
1st - Teresa Eagle
2nd - Lee Harmon
3rd - Tyler Wible

Conventional Experienced:
1st - Mollie Cornwell
2nd - John Ferguson
3rd - Stephanie Bell

Transit Rookie:
1st - Briana Wylie

Transit Experienced
1st - Eduardo Escobedo
2nd - Jerry Guerrero
3rd - Vyrl Brown

Mini Rookie:
1st - Michelle Thornton
2nd - Sewedo Akojenu

Mini Experienced:
1st - Madeia Mayfield
2nd - Dorothy Dorman
3rd - Pam Boyle

Grand Champion (2 years running): Mollie Cornwell

Full results

Many thanks to our judges and all who took time out of their busy schedules to help us put this event on.  It means a great deal to all of us and we know we couldn't have done it with out you.

Congratulations to all who competed.  You are all winners in our book because you care about the safety of Kansas kids in school buses.
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